Flowstate App Reviews

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Do not buy. Awesome idea, crashy execution.

I fell in love with Flowstate as soon as I started using it on my iPhone. Seeing that it was on sale, I decided to buy it on desktop and assumed the best, despite some reviews that complained about crashiness. I have a 2014 mac so I figured things would be fine. Things were not fine. My very first use of the program on my macbook pro, I did a 10 minute flow and lost all my text. INSANELY frustrating. I am really bummed about the execution here because I am crazy about the concept. IF the whole premise is that you lose your writing when you stop writing, you can’t lose your writing just because the app is buggy!

unusable because of the frequent crashes

It crashes very often, making it very frustrating to use. The idea may be simple and effective, the execution is unbelievably poor. How can a text editor, however sophisticated it may be, crash so often, and leave no usable crash report or backup file when it does?

Please fix the bug!

I generally love this idea, but the bug is so annoying… I have finished writing my essay, but I have no idea what happened, the app suddenly quit and all of my essay is gone forever… I feel that I have wasted my time and money using this app, even though I could write efficiently without procrastinating, but what’s the point of not having my essay at the end of this effective writing?

Really need customirization in disappearing speed

I love the philosophy and design of this application, it’s sleek and minimalism. But as a writer who use both English and Chinese I find this app only works for English (or other language that use Latin script). For Chinese and many other languages that separates phonetic system and written symbols, time is needed for selecting the right character for the corresponding pronunciation, in short, when I’m writing in Chinese I spend a significant amount of time selecting the words in stead of typing them, and while I’m busy selecting the words the text is disappearing at a even faster speed. This is a frustrating problem I don’t encouter while I’m writing in English. I would really love to see a adjustable disappearing speed tailored for different language users. But all in all, this is a great writing tool!

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