Flowstate 应用的评论


Does not sync well, unreliable

Interesting idea, but it is very unreliable in syncing and regular use.

Very frustrating

I wanted to give 5 stars but I have to make it a one star review. I was finished with my text, I was hapy with it so I wanted to save it somehow. There’s no option to just hit save. You have to wait for the timer to run out. Why? Neither I can copy-paste text. Okay, I thought to myself. What if we click the timer. Well, that just adds up to the time! This literally made me cry at 2am. Had to take screenshots and rewrite the copy I wrote...

better, but still a weird interface

All in all, this is a very cool idea that definitely will keep you writing. I find that The Most Dangerous Writing App (web-based) does everything this does, looks better and offers more options, like the ability to choose a word count target. That said, if you don’t like to work in a web browser, Flowstate is a workable option. The interface is pretty corny and a bit confusing, but the idea here is to get in, free write, and then copy your work to a real app for safekeeping. I really wouldn’t mind some more display options (text size, line spacing, font choices) but it basically gets the job done. A previous version of Flowstate crashed a few times, destroying my work each time. This one feels more stable, so far. I’ve tried it a few more times, cautiously, and it hasn’t crashed.

It dooresn’t work anymore

This app is just another example when Apple can’t force some one time app developer to take responsibility for their app even for sometime. This app has worked for me only a couple of times. Now it is just the dumbest word processor with a black background. It never erases as it used to to do. I have written many times to the app developer but no response. What a shame!

Works Exactly as advertised...

I love this app. It will really kick you in the butt…. be careful! I opened a thirty minute session and nodded off for 5 seconds with only six minutes left... and just like that the last body paragraph of my final paper was gone! IT WOKE ME TF UP THO

Simple idea, yet challenging

You will discover a creative side to yourself you never knew existed. The user interface is easy and friendly. I would recommend this to anyone looking to have fun writing or improve their writing. I have added this as part of my morning routine to get my brain awake and firing!

Almost There

Just when I’d given this app a good rating it let me down. For some reason it is no longer syncing between devices. All of my devices have different word counts. Also I’m not sure it holds large documents. One of my entries (12k words) was giving me so much trouble I had to copy it to another app. Oh well back to the drawing board.

needs a time control

It’s a great idea; I love it - but it really needs a way to adjust how much time before the writing disappears. Let people put a full minute if they want, tho I think for most it would be just something a bit longer than 5 seconds. It’s just a little too tight constraint (for me) to really make use of it.

Only a poor craftsman blames his tools

I would expect a feature or two more than it has, for the cost. It is always nice to have another standalone minimalist writing app with a kink in its tail. Surprise! Discipline! Assuming you are lacking. Fun, but I can see myself opening the box once or twice and leaving it on the shelf. Looks good on the shelf, though. Thanks!

Changed my life

I know changed my life sounds a bit extreme but I use this all the time to unleash “problems”. And sometimes I use it just to journal, to brainstorm, to therapy… If you’re looking at this as an exact writing software program look elsewhere. This is not for writing precision, it is an idea machine. It’s freedom.

This is what all writers and creatives have been missing!

I love flowstate. It’s the best way to get going on any project because it pushes you to extract your thoughts. Every time I open the app and it takes over my screen, it has an overwhelmingly calming effect because it gets rid of all my to do’s, tabs, and other mental clutter. It just opens a window to clear thinking.

Best writing app for creativity

This is an amazing app. Because you can’t stop writing you just have to keep coming up with things and it’s basically unavoidable to come up with new creative ideas. EVERYTIME. I have been using it on iOS and I’m very happy that I can now use it on my MacBook as well. The longest I tried writing is 30 minutes but I’m think I’m getting ready for 60 minutes. Thank you for this app.

great concept, decent implementation

Great concept— the only thing I’ve found (besides drugs) that prevents me from trying to do the impossible and squeeze out a perfect first draft rather than trusting the revision process. The one design gripe I have is that while this works great for sittings of an hour or less, it’s a bit too draconian for two or three hour sessions — some of us mortals occasionally have to pee, answer urgent phone calls, or go check on the fire alarm, whatever. It’d be nice if there were a setting such that if you failed to stay engaged with the text for five seconds it took a screenshot of everything before wiping your work. Having to retype a screenshot would be annoying enough to deter me from using the setting to undermine the app’s purpose, I think. Unfortunately, the brand’s whole marketing angle is embarrassingly hypermasculine and sort of /r/im14andthisisdeep — as if my Sunday School teacher’s idea of what Nietzsche was like came to life and collaborated with the Dr. Pepper TEN advertising team to market an app. Makes it tough to recommend it without caveat to my friends, who are all either women or sensitive wusses like myself. EDIT: Sync’s working better, so I’ve deleted those quibbles and upped the rating.

Just a little bit hesitant

I think the idea behind the app is great. But I wish there were some additional options, or at least greater transparency. For example: it's OK that the text disappears after a set period of time if you don't keep typing. But I'm an old guy with slower reaction times, and I'd like the option to increase that to 7, 8 or maybe even 10 seconds to better suit my own pace. I like the fact that sessions are stored automatically in iCloud, but I'm not crazy about the fact that they are (apparently) stored in the Flowstate sandbox where I can't see them. It appears that the only way I can access them as text files is by exporting them from the app. Once a session has been saved, I would prefer an option that let me access the file directly. I guess what I'm saying is that in some ways it's a little TOO stripped down for my taste. But I can see the value of the discipline, and I'm going to keep using it for awhile and see what happens.


nice app but there’s this horrible glitch. Sometimes, when I am clicking around the text (sometimes absentmindedly or to edit earlier text) it just locks me out. I can’t type anymore and everything I’ve done fades away. When I return to the starting screen, the typing I did was in the title of a new document. Please fix this.

Great for giving writer’s block a kick in the pants but glitchy

I mostly love this app. I have serious issues that come up when I find myself with a blank word doc in front of me. It’s amazing what you can produce when you have to keep writing or you’ll lose everything. Flowstate is helping to get back to writing and I am seeing the results in my work. One minor quibble - the interface is simple, which is great, but it’s almost too minimalist. It would have been helpful to have some sort of tutorial when you log in. I’m ticked off about two issues: (1) I was really on a roll, I had just a couple minutes left in a 15 minute session. I tried to click on the paragraph above to add something I’d thought of and then I couldn’t start typing again. I pounded my keboard in vain as my beautiful 13 minutes of writing faded away. (2) when I tried to rate the app within the app, it directed me to write an email rather than rate it in the app store. I guess they only want you to come and leave a rating here if you’re planning to give it 5 stars. This strikes me as rather weasely.

splitview does not work in Sierra

Since I installed Sierra in my laptop splitview stoped working for flowstate. Splitview is essintial to my workflow which include this app. I contacted support and they said it should be resolved shortly. I am yet to see any slution.

Wow! I don’t know what to say!

I’ve ALWAYS had a problem with editing and reediting my text (emails, …) over and over again, so that it always takes me at least an hour to write a simple paragraph! This app is the very first (and only) app that has addressed that bad habit. I can’t believe someone actually thought of doing this! I’ve already slightly changed the way I write in doing this review, which is why I’m doing it. OMG. This app is fracking fantastic. It’s worth it’s weight in gold! I hope it’s OK to say “fracking” ;-).

Where has this been all my life?

I bought this app the week it came out. I have been using it ever since. I use it both for personal and professional reasons. It has allowed me to write an insane amount of material over the course of this year and, honestly, has changed my life. Thanks Flowstate team!

Best Way To Bring Out The Writer Within You

Review is coming from a Mac mini late 2012 running Yosemite with a SSD drive running macOS Sierra GM Beta. Since this only works with EL Cap and higher I’m using Flowstate on my external SSD running the Sierra GM Beta. The app runs so smooth. Love the different times and fonts you can choose. When typing I played with the text disappearing to the point where it was ‘almost’ totally gone, and resume typing to bring the text back in a-nick-of-time. It’s fun to play around with how long you have before the text actually is gone. I like the way you can save your work as well as the different ways it can be saved, for example, by name, by date, etc. For testing, I did a bunch of text returns to get me to the bottom of the page and kept on hitting return so it’s good to know that you will never run out of a page to type on. One thing, when the time is up there’s no feedback, maybe that’s a good thing. The timer turns into a button that you click on to end the writing session, or if you prefer, just keep on writing (the good thing). This app really forces you to write. My problem is I still find myself doing spelling edits. To stop that, when I make a spelling mistake I try to either retype it or if my fingers become all thumbs I hit return and start a new line. I believe if I use this app ‘everyday’, it will help me become a better writer.

GREAT concept! But it crashes.

I love this concept. It’s probably the single greatest, simplest way to keep you writing once you start. The only problem I’ve had is that the thing crashes occasionally after a session and deletes my work. Luckily, it’s only happened during 10 minute intervals and the lost text isn’t a catastrophe. Fix the crashing and it’s 5 stars for sure.

Regularly Loses Entries

I see other reviews to this effect, so I am leaving my two cents here in the hopes the developer ever takes a look. This app regularly will lose a recent entry with no warning or without even crashing; I’ll close the app, reopen it, and find my most recent work just completely missing. Do not purchase.


I am a procrastinator. So when I came across this app I was skeptical but willing to try anything. I was surprised by how many ideas I saved and finished because I was forced to keep writing instead of continuously stopping and getting side tracked. The timed writing works. Before you start, think of a general topic you want to focus on… diary, fleshing out a story idea, fleshing out ideas for a chapter in your novel, etc. Start out with 5 minutes. I recommend this app for anyone who ends up continuously skipping around from activity to activity, or skipping around from doing what you want like writing a story to getting sidetracked right in the middle of writing out your story by web surfing aimlessly instead. This serves me as a container of free thought… I give myself permission to misspell and to punctuate inaccurately for the pursuit of creative idea nurturing.

Really need customirization in disappearing speed

I love the philosophy and design of this application, it’s sleek and minimalism. But as a writer who use both English and Chinese I find this app only works for English (or other language that use Latin script). For Chinese and many other languages that separates phonetic system and written symbols, time is needed for selecting the right character for the corresponding pronunciation, in short, when I’m writing in Chinese I spend a significant amount of time selecting the words in stead of typing them, and while I’m busy selecting the words the text is disappearing at a even faster speed. This is a frustrating problem I don’t encouter while I’m writing in English. I would really love to see a adjustable disappearing speed tailored for different language users. But all in all, this is a great writing tool!

Please fix the bug!

I generally love this idea, but the bug is so annoying… I have finished writing my essay, but I have no idea what happened, the app suddenly quit and all of my essay is gone forever… I feel that I have wasted my time and money using this app, even though I could write efficiently without procrastinating, but what’s the point of not having my essay at the end of this effective writing?

unusable because of the frequent crashes

It crashes very often, making it very frustrating to use. The idea may be simple and effective, the execution is unbelievably poor. How can a text editor, however sophisticated it may be, crash so often, and leave no usable crash report or backup file when it does?

Do not buy. Awesome idea, crashy execution.

I fell in love with Flowstate as soon as I started using it on my iPhone. Seeing that it was on sale, I decided to buy it on desktop and assumed the best, despite some reviews that complained about crashiness. I have a 2014 mac so I figured things would be fine. Things were not fine. My very first use of the program on my macbook pro, I did a 10 minute flow and lost all my text. INSANELY frustrating. I am really bummed about the execution here because I am crazy about the concept. IF the whole premise is that you lose your writing when you stop writing, you can’t lose your writing just because the app is buggy!

Thanks, Satan!

This app is pure evil, and it’s fantastic. As a uni student, I struggle getting through my longer research papers - papers where I know what I need to write about, but lack the motivation to get through typing out sentence after sentence. Having the pressure of losing my work has really challenged me to write more, and it’s boosted my productivity so much! I accomplish more in a ten-minute session than I used to in an hour. I simply write out what I want to say on Flowstate, copy & paste it in my document, and then edit & add cititations. It’s excellent. It really does get you into a “flow” - I’m often typing well after the session has technically ended, because my mind is still going. Would absolutely recommend this app. In fact, I have recommended it to several other friends. It will push you, but the results are so worth it (and they will save you a ton of time!)

Good, but you have to roll with the bugs

The core of the app is great - it really does keep you focused on "writing forward". If you're one of those folks (like me) who can barely finish a sentence without going back and editing it, this is a great app to help break that habit. However, the bugs are frustrating. Multiple documents appearing with the same name... creating a new document and having it immediately appear full of the content from the last one... and sometimes it just crashes. It's annoying. So annoying that the most I'll use it for is 15 minutes, because while I'd really like to try a 25 minute "flow", I simply don't trust the app enough to guarantee I won't lose everything. So after 15 minutes I want it to stop, just so I can copy and paste the content I've written into something more reliable and trustworthy.

It works!

I’ve listend about being in flow on Bulletproof podcasts, followed by the rise of superman podcasts. I know the sensation of writing in flow. It’s just hard to will yourself to go there. This app forces you to get into flow. My main problem is I love tech. The very tool I use to write on, my Mac, is also my main source of enteratinment in so many ways. This app forces me to focus and not check my email, look at the lastest mac rumors, message my friends, etc. You HAVE to keep wrting when using this app which forces you to ignore the voice which doubts the wulity of your work as well. Tap into creativity and leave the editing for later. Editing itself, as you know, is a distraction. I also like the dramatic feeling you get when the app simply switches from the main screen to the blank page, like you’ve left the world behind. Great stuff, but this review has been another distraction. Back to writing. \m/

Wasn’t sure what to expect

but I really like this app. I like being under the gun. I’ve only used the 5 minute setting, and to be honest, I almost lose my sh!t every time! So I drive on. I am working on a screenplay for something I want to shoot this spring and have gotten further today because of this app. So…to like this, you have to know what you’re getting into. I started today around noon I think while my kids were running around. I almost lost my work and had to basically ignore them for about 3 minutes so that I could finish my session. Rule number 1: make sure you have 5 minutes to write. Sitting down to write and then having to get up to hit the bathroom, yell the kids, or deal with the significant other is going to cause you to not like this app. You are going to be frustrated. Rule number 2: this is a lame bit. Just be prepared to write when you sit down with this and you will create, create, create! Awesome app. 5 stars!

First run

I love this, now I can write like I’ve always put off doing. An initial 15 minute session a day is very doable for anyone. I thought the 5 seconds would be too short. But in honesty I think it is good to just get your thoughts out of your head and worry about editing later. See where the flow takes you!

Works for me… Love it

I love and hate Flowstate. It really allows me to get out of my own way of procrastinating. When I am about to write something, I have to think twice about using Flowstate or some other editor. If I use Flowstate, then I am committing to completing at least five minutes of uninterrupted writing. If I choose another editor, I know I am giving myself permission to: * pause indefinitely/frequently, * look in the refrigerator, * check my email, * change a word to bold,... then back to regular,... then to italics maybe (?) or whatever else I can do, other than write. It’s not that the other way of doing things is bad, it just prolongs the process (See the schism?). Things I have learned so far using this wonderful app. One, I don’t allow myself to panic and type too fast. This creates all kinds of errors to be dealt with later. No need to rush, just try to type at a consistent speed. Let the errors and typos go. I also discovered that you do not have to save things to Notes only when you finish. Clicking anywhere in the text will place my cursor and a simple Command A(ll) will highlight everything (though it may be hard to see) and a Command C(opy) will capture everything. Open my chosen editor and paste the copied material {Command V). I did the bare bones of this review in Flowstate, then corrections and additions in Type. I could have, just as easily, used any of the editors I have.

A most dangerous reminder

I can’t emphasize enough how much potential I believe this application has. It’s simple, but the philosophy behind it is incredibly effective so far. For good reason, we’ve seemed to develop sensors at some point throughout evolution. While I won’t deny the importance (at times) for this egoic sensor, I will argue for the importance in learning to move past it when not only writing, but living in general. This application does just that, it simulates death— the death of ideas, the death of stories, the death of one's identity so to speak. From my experience, it seems when the death of these things are threatened, one is forced to consequently “live” with the unfiltered compassion, intelligence, and charisma that is so often hidden out of fear. When the ego is eliminated from your writing, the absence of it bleeds into your life— and from my use, this elimination seems to promote a more honest, immediate, and fresh experience. I don’t believe this is only for writers, either. I think this is for procrastinator’s in the most general sense who feel paralyzed by fear and consequently disconnected from their day-to-day, moment-to-moment potential. If nothing else, Flowstate has been an important reminder every morning of death, our own impermanence, and the limited amount of time we all have to communicate with honesty, love passionately, and ultimately die empty to each and every moment. If you’re looking to "die before you die," seriously consider. Flow seems to be a muscle, and this is the best practice I’ve encountered to discover and strengthen it on and off the page. Also, no technical issues so far with the app itself. Interface is simple and sexy.

Truly unlike any writing tool.

I went back and forth on whether or not to invest in Flowstate. Originally at $15, the app was, frankly, overpriced for what it offers and there is no trial to test drive it and see if you like it / can hack it. Now, the developers have (wisely) dropped it to $9.99 and that feels more reasonable. Still a bit high (and I agree with others that there should be more export options once you’ve completed a session—Notepad is underwhelming as the only option), but reasonable once I took the dive. Having (successfully) completed two writing sessions, I can say that it is a unique experience for that will help ‘push' both seasoned writers and those who just need assistance conjuring a few words. It’s not an easygoing app; the intensity of potentially losing your work after five seconds of idle time is terrifying, and that is the driving force that makes the program so innovative. Most people have a fear of the ‘blank page’ and how to populate it. What if that got upended and the fear became returning to that blank page, not preciously populating it? Learning how to write in a sort of reckless abandon is what this app encourages—editing while you go is the enemy. Getting your thoughts down is the goal. It is not for everyone, but there is quite a bit of thought—and beauty—behind the rationate and interface of Flowstate. (I found a great interview on HuffPo with the creator that gives a lot of insight regarding why/how he developed it—it’s a pretty interesting read.) I’ll end by saying two things: (1) I have yet to encounter a single bug; this runs incredibly smooth on two very different machines of mine, one quite old, so don’t fear the loss of your work due to the app—just fear losing it to yourself. (2) I wrote this review using Flowstate. I thought that would only be apropos.

Lacks flexibility

This is a great concept, but the developer could improve it. I suggest a toggle that prevents editing, a toggle that prevents pausing, and a slider that defines how much time passes before all is lost.

Almost as good as Pizza

Love this - great concept and helps people like me (procrastinators / overthignkers) actually get something done. It forces you to create SOMETHING. The workflow is stripped down and simple. Some complain about lack of features but I feel thats the point - not to distract you with unnecessary bs. It’s almost as good as Pizza, and I love Pizza more than my first born child.

Good idea; buggy

I was on my second session with Flowstate, having written several hundred words in just a few minutes (something I have not achieved in quite a while!) whenthe app crashed and all my work was lost. I was on a ten minute session at the time, but I can only imagine how frustrated I would have been on one of the longer time sessions. The crashing bug must be fixed for me to give this program my endorsement. Also, it would be nice to have the functionality to export what I write directly to a word processor (Scrivener for example) so I can edit my the full suite of tools I’m used to as opposed to Flowstate’s minimal interface. As it is I have to export to Notes, then copy/paste into Scrivener, then apply a paragraph style. $15 is a premium, so the user should get a premium experience.

I’m feelin the Flow

Such a great concpet for writers and anyone wanting to challenge themselves to a creative process. Whether your working on a new script and need that boost to keep you going, or you just want to start your morning with some fun writing to get the jucies going, Flowstate delivers. I took a chance seeing some of the negative reviews, but feel like they are missing the point here. Yes this is a simple app, but that’s what you want, you’re supposed to be writing, not messing around with a bunch of settings. I think it’s a great app and going to be trying to write at least 5 min every day with this. Give it a try!

The UI is really really bad

Listen, I like the premise of this app. It forces you to keep writing and that very thing, it does very well. Although, for $15 (which is kind of a premium price) I expect and app that has a far more functional UI. Instead it’s extremely clunky and slow. It seems that this developer never hit their “flow state” on app design.

interesting idea. you pay for it.

This app is cool as heck. no denying that. I just would hope that there were more features for $15 because its not a very complex idea behind what is going on here and not awfully hard to code on my own either. that said, i appreciate this. I hope more features are added, like a Google sign-in or something so you can export into Docs. Shouts to the creators for having a really unique take on the concept of the free write in a digital world. maybe its some hipster thing to pay this much for a single feature app, but its kind of a lot. would have been happy to pay $5.


Flowstate allows me to dig down into my imagination and let ideas flow. It's a way of forcing the same productive state of mind that happens sometimes during a shower or a long walk, when ideas pop into my head, only to disappear when I can't write them down. Creating this flow state is obviously possible with normal writing, but with Flowstate, the pressure to keep going suppresses the scattered impulses to get up and do something else or go back and fix things. And since I'm an editor, that temptation is too strong to resist. This app is not meant to be a text editor per se. It's about creating a flow state. Just type, then move the text to a regular word processor to edit. Here is a tip if you really must stop writing for more than 5 seconds (to take a drink, think about something, etc.): just hit almost any key (except, e.g., the arrow keys) continually until you are ready to type again.

Not much to it for $15

When you spend $15 on an app you expect there to be at least a few features to make it worth it. This app is pretty much writing that disappears after 5 seconds, and then very limited editing after you complete the time. There is no customization. No options. Nothing to make it nice to use. I at least expected to be able to change the delay before my text started disappearing. Maybe you’ll like this app if you are fine with very limited functionality. But just know that it does very little before you spend money on it.

A Terrifingly Wonderful App

We live in a age of distraction technology. So much so, that we have difficulty finding peace and quiet. And as a writer, no distractions is a well sought after commodity among us. This app is wonderful in that you have no distractions while writing. No options for full screen or not. It is always full screen. A beaufitully clean interface. Then, the terror hits when you start to write. If you stop writing, you loose everything. It takes a while to get used to, but it forces you to treat your writing time as a treasure, and focus solely on that, and not do anything else. No talking to anyone, no texting, no internet. It is you and your imagination. It is free writing in it’s purest form. You write everything that appears in your mind, even if it is not relevant. I recommend to start slowly, start with 5 minutes at a time, and slowly build up to the time you enjoy writing the most. Because starting off with a half hour and only making it 20 minutes and then loosing everything? That would be painful. Recommended highly for any writer. It needs to be in your art kit for writing.

Time to blackout is far too short

I do a lot of writing and was hoping that FlowState could keep me focused and making progress. Well, it might. But your text starts to fade the instant you stop typing. If you scroll up to double-check a paragraph, or make sure you aren’t using the same example twice, the text starts fading the moment you stop adding new text. As a result, I’m forced to type just for the sake of typing. “Flow” doesn’t just mean continually typing. “Flow,” at least for me, means continually *writing*, which may involve pausing to think for a moment, or pasting in a passage from somewhere else. Great concept. Beautiful interface. But unusably rapid timeouts and no ability to tweak the program to fit my writing style. (For $10, I expect at least a little bit of configurability, or a more nuanced understanding of the writing process than just “type without pausing.”)

Freewriting with an Executioner’s Ax.

Oh my. Freewriting is the practice popularly taught in college composition courses: just write, keep going, pen to the page, and don’t worry about anything. Keep going and you will enter a “free” zone — the “flow” — and your originality appears! The idea is that when you try to write in the ordinary, non-zone, way, you are always hostage to your fears and inhibitions: you are blocked from the creative you that lies downtrodden, underneath. Kerouac said he wrote “On The Road” this way, taping all his typewriter pages into one long roll and just typing and typing and typing. …. So now comes Flowstate, a writing program that blocks out everything that might distract you and focuses you on the page of writing. Other writing programs have the option to do this too: Word and Scrivener and many others. BUT there’s something more in Flowstate. With this cruel program you set the amount of time you want to write, to be in the flow, and then the distracting world is shut out and the blank page appears and you start. But here’s the medieval punishment part. If you stop writing for five seconds — 1,2,3,4,5— everything you have written in that session fades away. Fades away, as in forever. So keep typing. So what you have here is touchy-feely contemporary writing theory designed to bring out your (assumed) inner creativity — combined with severe punishment! Kinky, no? Oh, did I say that I love it? It works.

Very good.

Just a littly bit scary, at first, but in fact it is a very encouraging program, I find. When I got it yesterday I discovered that the save option didn’t work… wasn’t being recorded at all, so when I cut part of my work it evaporated completely. However when I come back here today it is fixed before I can report it. Fast work! And good work. Wouldn’t mind green on black text option, tho, maybe in the future?

Great Concept. Needs work.

This review ended up getting very long. If you don’t want to read it all, here’s the TL;DR: The concept is great, but the program is really buggy right now and I feel that it’s missing some important features that I expect from a writing program. Now here’s the full review: When I first got the iPhone app of this program, I immediately fell in love with it. It was an easy choice to buy it on my mac. I loved the concept and wanted my notes to sync. Unfortunately, I’ve had some trouble with this desktop version. The biggest problem is that sometimes won’t let me click on my saved notes. When it starts acting like this, clicking on the new document icon (not the timed write) will always make the program crash. And the most annoying part is that even quitting the app and restarting the computer doesn’t fix the problem. Luckily, the timed write function always works. In fact, sometimes starting a new timed write will even “fix” the other bugs (not sure why!) I was disappointed that the desktop app didn’t have a few more options in it when I started using it. I would like to be able to have italics and be able to bold text within the “editing” portion of the app. I understand the main selling point of this app is simplicity, but I don’t consider italics or bold text to be very complex and sometimes those features would be very helpful. Another thing I would like to see in an update that I feel this program is lacking is a simple print mode where I can set margins and then send my writing to the printer. It seems a little strange to me that I have to copy and paste my writings into Word once I finish them just to print them. Another thing Flowstate currently lacks is the ability to be able to reenter an existing document into the timed write mode. I like to work in short burst of writing, so I’ll usually only set the timer for 5 minutes. The problem is that then I would like to continue developing my idea the next day in the timed write mode, but I have to make a new document to be able to start the timed write mode again. My other gripe with the desktop version is that when I use it I get the feeling that the developers just ported the app to desktop. The desktop program doesn’t take advantage of the fact that it’s operating on a much larger screen. the layout is almost identical to the app, which does’t seem right considering that my iPhone screen is 5.5 inches and my iMac’s screen is 21.5 inches. Although I have my complaints about the desktop program, the idea of this program is great and I am confident that the developers of this app will resolve the bugs in future updates and possibly even one or two of my feature requests.

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